Tuesday, April 14, 2020

How to Make Easy Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course

Making an easy sidewalk chalk obstacle course in your own drivewayis a great way to get kids outside, creative and moving. We have done this since our boys  were young many times, and I love it because as they get older, they can build it themselves.

Sidewalks  and driveways right at home are a great place to build an obstacle course. One of the advantage of doing it in chalk is that you don’t have to move obstacles out of the way should a car come along.

Some ideas to include  
Run to the circle and jump 3 times
Hop across the line back and forth
Follow the arrow path and spin 4 times
Jump into each shape and say them (triangle, square, etc.)
Do a leap at the finish line
Jump through the boxes
Jump in and out of the circle
Do a cartwheel through the drawn ladder (but don’t touch any lines)

Dance party as you run around the circle

See it in action

Get your supplies for  summer backyard fun 

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