Thursday, April 21, 2016

Do it yourself Glow In the Dark Bowling

Add a new exciting twist to the classic bowling activity with Glow In the Dark Bowling which can be created in your backyard or a playroom.  Everyone seems to love the fascinating glow in the dark phenomenon. Why not make your own bowling pins that glow and bowl a few rounds. This is a great family or friend activity that you can play in the house or outside in the yard after dark. The kids  are sure to have a glowing good time with this unexpectedly delightful spin on bowling.

Materials Needed
10 plastic water bottle (perfect chance to recycle) 
10 Glow sticks
Soccer, basketball or playground ball

Glow in the Dark Bowling is a fun game that can be played year round especially  the summer months  and will provide plenty of giggles and smiles the kids.  

GetGet your supplies for summer backyard fun 

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