Friday, May 19, 2017

Sponge Balls Kids Summer Craft & Water Fight

Practical, reusable and cute, this sponge ball craft originally from Martha Stewart  will be a favorite kid-friendly summer activity. 

Creating them is only half the fun! The other half of the fun is using them for a crazy hot day  summer water fight!

 All you need is colorful sponges, curling ribbon or string, scissors and a bucket of water!

What you need:

Colorful Sponges
Curling Ribbon or String
Bucket of Water

To create your sponge balls, start by cutting sponges into strips. I used small kitchen sponges, which each yielded seven strips about 3/4 of an inch wide. (I did not measure, I just eyeballed it.) Then I gathered my strips and tied them tightly in the center with curling ribbon. (You could use simple string, but I always have a lot of curling ribbon on hand so that’s what I used.) Once your strips are bound, fluff and ta-da.

Find the Step by Step instructions here 

Get your supplies for  summer backyard fun 

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