Sunday, May 31, 2015

Use Pool Noodles for Cheap Summer Fun

Check out these fun activities for summer fun with things  that you can make with pool noodles 

1. Cut a pool noodle into sections  and buy some  water paint and paper for a great arts and crafts paint activity.  

2. Is your child a fan of Star Wars sword fighting? This is a great way to to ensure they have fun but stay safe. Make a light saber out of a pool noodle. Find out how, here.

3. Make an awesome giant sized bubble station by using a hula hoop and dish soap in a plastic pool tub. Your kids will love this! To find out how, click here
.4. Create rings out of a pool noodle to use for a ring toss. All you really need is a pool noodle and duct tape.

5. After the ring toss, you can reuse the rings to create an obstacle course. Kill two birds with one stone.

Get your supplies for summer backyard fun 

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